Companion Blog Posts

From data-dives to notes about the Companion itself, the blog is where you'll find posts from the 9 Innings Companion dev.

The Team-Select Sig Odds calculator just got its largest update ever! Improved player selection process, prefill your previous selections, and load your team from My Lineup! These changes also apply to the Legend Odds calculator. Read on to learn more.

I'm excited to announce the launch of the new My Lineup feature! This Patron-requested tool lets you log every player in your lineup, pick endgame players that you want to acquire, and take detailed notes for every position. This is part of a new tool called Team Companion, which is the best way to track your team's progression over time.

In a major step towards being able to fully represent your team in the Companion, I've created Saved Sandboxes! You can save and share full Sandboxes, complete with advanced fields.

As requested in a recent Patreon new-feature poll, I've added the ability to track your ranked battle results!

As requested in a recent Patreon new-feature poll, I've added the ability to search for players in the Registry by their first names! Here's a quick rundown of how it works.

To celebrate the Companion's second birthday I've added over 500 unavailable players (~1,600 cards)! C.C. Sabathia, Jose Fernandez, Ichiro, and more! Read on to find out why it took so long to get these players into the Registry.

The Companion now hosts a searchable database of skills! View the effects of every skill in the game, level-by-level.

Finally! Supreme Historical Legends are here on the Companion! Read on to how you can use these players across the site.

These trackers were essential to kickstarting the Registry and led to some awesome functionality on the site, but it's time to say goodbye.

Best Lineup seeks to craft the strongest lineup possible. But what if you already have some endgame cards, maybe with a great train or killer skills? Now you can make sure those cards are included!

One of the most-requested features is finally here: player name autocomplete in the Sandbox! Read on to see how it works.

4 Auctions and 6 FA sets a day! Join me on a deep dive of some insights from that data!

The Friend Battle mode is stale and basically just a farm for stars. Here are two suggestions for making it more fun!

A short opinion piece on an improvement to this top-tier pitching skill.

As requested by my supporters on Patreon, I've updated the Best Lineup tool! Max Lineup OVR and better support for heavy multi-position teams like LAD.

The Companion just turned 1 year old! To celebrate, I gave the site a huge facelift and made a ton of improvements. This blog post contains all the details!

Now that we can open 100 Lotto Tickets at a time, the returns look very different from before. What amount should you expect each time you scratch off those tickets?

I've posted about some of the suspicious users I've found in the auction, calling them bots. But why would these users be acting the way they are?

Another suspected auction bot has been found! This time it's a brand new account buying up AL cards.

A dive into the first suspected bot since the Auction Tracker launched!

Take a look at some stats about the Companion Player Registry!

I studied five hundred normal combos to figure out which you should do.