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I built this site because I wanted these tools and resources to exist for my own use, and I published it because I wanted others to benefit from them, too.

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I have a long list of useful tools I want to add to the site and building them requires a substantial commitment of my personal time.

Many sites run ads or facilite third-parties tracking in order to generate revenue. I do not believe these are healthy practices, so I have chosen not to host ads or trackers on this site. As such, your donations are the only revenue stream for the Companion.

Patreon-Only Features

While the core features of the 9 Innings Companion will remain free to use, I've created some additional features exclusively for my Patreon members!

Supporters actively pledged to my "Access to additional site features" tier on Patreon get exclusive access to bonus features on the Companion, as well as early access to the newest features as I release them. Here are some of the features you'll get access to:

The basic Sandbox allows you to view stats for any card with any GI.

But what if you want more than that? What if you want to be able to simulate any configuration of card? Trains, Special Trains, Set Effects, Mentor, Sig status, Black Diamond. Everything.

Well now you can!

Click here for more details!

Track the rewards you get for finishing a league season! This can help you understand how often you see each reward type, as well as how long it takes you to finish a league season.

Click here for more details!

Whenever I update the Player Registry, I log the changes on the Registry Updates page. The full list of changes is truncated to save space on the page.

Patrons are able to expand the list to see the complete set of changes for each update.

Interested in becoming a Patron but have questions? You're not alone!

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What else can I do to support the Companion?

Maybe the easiest thing you can do is the share the site! Post it to your club chat, share links with other players you know in real life, point new players to it on the sub-reddit. I see a lot of people spreading the word about the Companion on Reddit and it warms my heart every time.

Aside from that, you can also send in feedback! Report bugs, suggest new features, or send in player stats that are missing from the registry. All these help me prioritize site development work and make the Companion better for everyone. Click here to go to the feedback form.