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Deep dives into the details of 9 Innings! These guides contain information for beginners as well as strategies for experienced players.

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Back by popular demand, Com2Us has given us the awesome Offseason Player Draw event. 1 free Prime, 2 free Vintage or Regular cards. Read on for my system for picking your player!
Learn about GIs, GI Resets, and GI Tickets. See how GI affects the value of a card.
Learn the specifics about Special Training, including how it benefits your team and how many cards you'll need to finish each level.

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From data-dives to notes about the Companion itself, the blog is where you'll find posts from the 9 Innings Companion dev.

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The trackers have been shut down 😥

Read the blog post, Farewell to the FA and Auction Trackers , or check out the Auction & FA Trackers: 2021 Year-In-Review