Game Guides

Learn more about the game!

Companion Game Guides are tutorials and articles created to help you better understand the game.

They contain descriptions of game modes and development tactics, explanations of how game mechanics work, and strategies for improving your team as quickly as possible.

These guides are under active development. If you'd like to suggest a new guide or a change/addition to an existing guide, please reach out via my Contact Me Form.

Special Upgrades

Learn the specifics about Special Training, including how it benefits your team and how many cards you'll need to finish each level.
Learn about Black Diamonds, a new upgrade path for Diamond cards that unlock stat bonuses and the ability to acquire Legend Skills.

Cards and Stats

Learn about GIs, GI Resets, and GI Tickets. See how GI affects the value of a card.


A quick guide to the new Diamond Wish Player Pack, written up by subreddit mod u/faraft!
Back by popular demand, Com2Us has given us the awesome Offseason Player Draw event. 1 free Prime, 2 free Vintage or Regular cards. Read on for my system for picking your player!