Offseason Player Draw Event Guide (2023 Update)

Back by popular demand, Com2Us has given us the awesome Offseason Player Draw event. 1 free Prime, 2 free Vintage or Regular cards. Read on for my system for picking your player!

What's this guide about?

Updated for the 2023 event, this is a quick guide to help you pick the a card from the Offseason Player Draw event. The event allows you to pick 3 players by team: 1 Prime and 2 Vintages / Regulars. For most people, this will guarantee you the Prime of your choice, though there are some dupe risks.

Can I pick Legends for my 2 Vintage picks?


Companion Picking System

This is the rough system I use when figuring out who to pick for myself or people who ask me. Pirate code rules apply (a.k.a. it's more of a guideline), so take it with a grain of salt. When in doubt: follow your heart.


Open the Companion Registry and use the filters to select your team and set either Prime or Vintage as the only Card Type. Write those players down on a piece of paper, including their name/year, position, and OVR/aOVR. Once you've done that, follow the steps below

Do you already have all the Primes/Vintages for your team?
Are all of your Primes/Vintages already upgraded to Black Diamond?
Do you have a favorite player that has a Prime/Vintage for another team?
  • Yes: Great. Wait until the final round, and if your team hasn't gotten a new Prime/Vintage, pick that player.
  • No: Wait until the final round, and if your team hasn't gotten a new Prime/Vintage, pick K.Uehara'13 / M.Williams'94 . YOLO.

Picking By Position

In this section, we'll go over some questions you should answer to help you make your selection. Group the Primes/Vintages you would want to draw by position. Then, go through this section for each position until you land on a player to draw, using the following order:

  1. SPs
  2. Batters
  3. RPs/CPs
For batter positions, rank them by whichever player has the highest aOVR.

Finally, some quick terminology: the steps below will reference "irreplaceable card". I define a card as irreplaceable if I would be completely unwilling to take it out of my lineup. Obviously strong Sigs fall into this bucket, but it's subjective. You might deem a Black Diamond Regular with great skills irreplaceable. That's up to you.

Steps for picking for [your position here]

If this position has multiple cards, and you already have one of those cards, are you willing to risk getting a dupe from the event?
Is the lineup slot for this position already filled by an irreplaceable card?

Remember: You have 5 lineup slots for SPs and 3 for outfield (LF/CF/RF).

Do any of the cards for this position have Sigs?
  • No: Great! Pick this position!
  • Yes: Go to the next step.
Do you intend to buy Sigs in the future? Would you be sad if you GI'd this Prime/Vintage and then pulled their Sig later on?

Learn More About The Offseason Player Draw Event

The Offseason Player Draw Event is an in-game event. It first appeared last year (2020 offseason) and allows you to select three cards, one for each of its month-long cycles. While you can't pick the card you want by name, there are four filters which can get you pretty close:

  1. Team
  2. Card Type (Regular, Vintage, Prime)
  3. Grade (Silver or Gold)
  4. Position

So, if your team only has one card with a Prime that plays 1B, selecting those options will guarantee that card. Pretty freakin sweet!

You can get up to one Prime and up to two Regulars or Vintages.

Like most in-game events, you gain points by playing the game, and you can use those points to pay for your picks. The event also has a limited shop where you can spend excess points.

I highly recommend that you do not buy anything in the shop until you finalize your player picks so you don't accidentally run out of points.


When does this event run? (Updated for 2023)

It started on January 2nd, 2023. There are three phases and you can pick one card in each phase. The phases are:

  1. Jan 2nd 2023 through Jan 31st 2023
  2. Jan 31st 2023 through Mar 2nd 2023
  3. Mar 2nd 2023 through Mar 31st 2023

Pay attention to these dates!!! Every year, a bunch of people miss out on a pick because they thought they had more time. At the end of each phase, your points will reset. Use em or lose em.

Dates for Previous Years

It started on December 1st, 2021. There are three phases and you can pick one card in each phase. The phases are:

  1. Dec 1st 2021 through Dec 30th 2021
  2. Dec 31st 2022 through Jan 30th 2022
  3. Jan 31st 2022 through Mar 2nd 2022

I actually don't have this written down. If you do, please let me know via my Contact Me form and I will happily add them to this guide.

  1. ???
  2. ???
  3. ???

When should I make my picks?

I highly recommend waiting until the last responsible moment to make your picks. New Primes will be added during the event in the February Live Update. Last year, 3 new Primes were added during the event. If there's any question about which Prime you want to draw, you should hold off on making your Prime pick until the end of the final phase.

Are you sure we can't get Legends from this?

100% certain, you cannot. That would be insane. Last year, Com2Us ended up appending a note stating as much because so many people asked. You cannot get Legends.