Save and Share Full Sandboxes!

In a major step towards being able to fully represent your team in the Companion, I've created Saved Sandboxes! You can save and share full Sandboxes, complete with advanced fields. Posted: Jun 28 '23

In this update, I've added the ability to save and share full Sandboxes! Save up to 10 full mock-ups of your best players, handy templates for later, or anything else you use the Sandbox for. You can even share them with people who don't have access to the advanced fields!

This is a Patreon logo Patrons-only feature! If you're not already a Site Access Patron but would like to join, click here to join! If you already have site access, you can view the tool here or access it from the Sandbox.

Alright! Here's a quick overview of how it works.

Saving a Sandbox

After you log in and go to the Sandbox, you'll see two new buttons. The first, in the top right corner, will take you to your Saved Sandboxes. The second, below the results section, will allow you to save a Sandbox. Let's start there.

Add whatever information you like to the Sandbox. Players, GI, train, Mentor level, etc. Once you're satisfied, click "Save this Sandbox..."

This will open up a save form. You can add a private name and some private notes; both fields are optional and only viewable by you. Then click the green button to save it!

A success screen will appear with some options. You can copy the public link to your clipboard, view your Sandbox on the new My Saved Sandboxes page, or return to the Sandbox.

Save a Sandbox modal form
Successfully saving a Sandbox

My Saved Sandboxes

Once you've created some Saved Sandboxes, you can come here to manage them.

At the top of the page is the list of all your Sandboxes. Each tile has the Sandbox name and the names of the players in it. Note that you don't have to pick players to save a Sandbox! For example, I have a Training Template with +75 GI, ST Lvl 10, and Mentor pre-selected so that I can just slot in the players I want to train later on.

In the top right there is an indicator showing the limit of Saved Sandboxes available to you. When you approach the max, it'll turn yellow, and then red once you hit the max. Click on the indicator for more information about the limit.

My Saved Sandboxes page

Full Details

Click on a Saved Sandbox tile to see its full details: when it was created, notes you added, and the Sandbox results. You can also copy the public link, delete the Sandbox (there's a confirmation step), or jump to the Sandbox to edit the fields.

For reference, the Sandbox results load up in the bottom of this section. That way, if you don't need to edit the fields, you can see the results without leaving the page. Note that Saved Sandboxes with errors will not load results, so you'll have to go to the Sandbox to view them.

Saved Sandbox full details

Thank you!

Thank you for reading and for visiting my site!

I could not do this without the support of the community and all of my followers on Patreon. This feature took dozens of hours of work to design, build, and test, and your contributions truly keep me going. If you'd like to use this feature or simply support me in maintaining the Companion, please consider joining me by clicking the button below!

I work on this site in my free time and every bit of support makes a big difference in keeping this a sustainable project for me.