New & Improved TS Sig Odds!

The Team-Select Sig Odds calculator just got its largest update ever! Improved player selection process, prefill your previous selections, and load your team from My Lineup! These changes also apply to the Legend Odds calculator. Read on to learn more. Posted: Feb 15 '24

Today I'm excited to introduce the new and improved Team-Select Sig Odds calculator! This is an update I've been looking forward to for a very long time. It adds a number of significant quality-of-life improvements:

  • Improved player selection process
  • Load from Most Recent
  • Load from Team Companion

The improved player selection process is available for free to all users. The two "Load from" options are special features for my supporters over on Patreon.

Picking Players

Previously, each field had a long multiselect list with just the names/years of Sigs for your team. You needed to step through each group one by one - if you realized that you picked the wrong player or forgot someone, you had to start over. Super frustrating.

The new style features a better UI that shows you more information and allows you freedom to select players in any column, at any time. It matches the Legend Odds calculator that released a few months ago.

Player rows now show their OVR and position to make it easier to identify the cards you want. If the Companion has a full name for a player, it will appear under their in-game name, and this is searchable.

Finally, you can easily navigate and select items using the arrow/enter keys on desktop.

Loading from Most Recent

Another feature ported over from the Legend Pack Odds tool is the ability to store your most recent run! This is a Site-Access exclusive feature, meaning you need to join my Patreon and log into your account to use it.

The feature is simple. Every time you hit the "Get the odds!" button, the Companion stores your selections. The next time you return to the tool, simply click Load from Most Recent button and your previous selections will prefill the form.

Any Happy or Sad players who have been removed from the game (and therefore are not available in the packs) will be excluded from the form. All dupes will be re-filled, since this makes it easier to remember which cards you have.

Loading from Team Companion

Similarly, you can prefill selections from My Lineup in the Team Companion . Again, this is a Site-Access exclusive feature. It's also the first major integration with Team Companion!

With My Lineup, you can store every card on your team along with a desired endgame card for each position. When you load selections from Team Companion, the tool will add all the cards you currently have to the Dupes column and all the cards you want to the Happy column. You need to select a team before this option becomes enabled.

Best of all, this can be done with some selections already made. It will simply append your Lineup players to your current player selections.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading and for visiting my site!

The Team-Select Sig Odds calculator has been one of the most popular tools on the Companion and the core functionality has always been (and will always be) free to use.

If you're interested in the quality-of-life "Load from" features or just want to help support the hours of work it takes to maintain this community resource, please consider joining my Patreon by clicking the button below!

You'll get access to over 15 exclusive features that improve your Companion experience, and you'll be supporting an independent developer. I work on this site in my free time and every bit of support makes a big difference in keeping this a sustainable project for me.