Track Your Ranked Battle Results!

As requested in a recent Patreon new-feature poll, I've added the ability to track your ranked battle results! Posted: Jan 29 '23

In this update, I've added the ability to track your ranked battle results! This is the second personal tracker that I've added to the Companion (the other being the League EoS reward tracker).

This is a Patreon logo Patrons-only feature! If you're not already a Site Access Patron but would like to join, click here to join! If you already have site access, you can view the tool here or access it from your account page.

Alright! Here's a quick overview of how it works.

Adding a result

Start off by entering your end-of-week data. The information can be found by going to Ranked Battle and tapping on the "Score / Rank" box (under your current rank emblem).

The only thing not listed in that overlay is your Power Rank. You can get that from the overlay that appears when you first check Ranked Battle after the Sunday-Monday reset. Alternatively, you can tap on the Power Ranking button, then on the My Team tab.

All fields are optional, but you need a value in at least one field (plus the date) to save the result.

Add New Ranked Battle Result Form
Adding a note to your weekly result

View your past results

Once you've added a result, you'll be able to see it in the Past Results table.

All of the data you logged will be shown here, and the Grade tier that you earned is calculated and shown automatically (assuming you logged rank number and ranked points). You can click on the Notes cell to expand to the full note. You can delete the result by clicking on the trashcan.

View Past Ranked Battle Results
View Past Ranked Battle Results w/Notes

Exporting your data

You can also export your data in an Excel .xlsx format by clicking the download button.

Ranked Battle Results in Excel

More to come!

I wanted to get this core functionality out as soon as possible so you can start logging your results, but I have a few more widgets I plan to add to this feature. Most notably, I'm working on adding charts to help better understand your results over time.

If you have suggestions for functionality you'd like to see added, please feel free to reach out via my Contact Me form or by messaging me on Reddit or Patreon!

Thank you!

Thank you for reading and for visiting my site!

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I work on this site in my free time and every bit of support makes a big difference in keeping this a sustainable project for me.