Player Skills Database!

The Companion now hosts a searchable database of skills! View the effects of every skill in the game, level-by-level. Posted: Jun 30 '22

Player Skills is the latest addition to the Companion! This database contains every skill in the game, a description of it, and level-by-level stat boosts (for nearly all of them).

Read on to learn about the feature itself and some ideas I have for it in the future.


Player Skills is a searchable database of every skill in the game, with level-by-level breakdowns of their stat boosts and detailed descriptions of how they work.

On the face of each skill card, you will find the skill's name, a description of what it does, and level-by-level breakdowns of the boosts or cuts it creates (if applicable). Click the "See full details" link to view the back of the card, which has the full description, as well as any other information about the skill (such as whether it counts towards the DP/FP buff).

Stat modifiers for a skill can either boost or cut stats. Boosts will appear like "+8" and cuts will appear like "-8".

The stat table will have a row for every possible level for that skill. If the database doesn't yet have data for that level, you'll see "No data yet". Only a few skill levels are currently missing data. If you can provide clear evidence for the modifier at that level, please send it in via my Contact Me form and I'll be happy to update the database.

Targets and Triggers

The stat tables are segmented by the players they affect. Currently there are 3 possible targets:

  • Owner (the player with the skill)
  • Teammate (a player on the owner's team)
  • Opponent (an opposing player)

These targets can be affected by the stat modifier all the time, or only when a trigger condition is met. In the second case, you'll see "(trigger)" next to the target name and the condition will appear on the bottom of the card face.

Trigger conditions vary widely. Some are permanent (such as the "Owner is a Legend" trigger on skills like Batter's Chemistry) and some are temporary (such as the requirement that the owner be on base for Master Base Thief). Sometimes the skill can toggle between the standard modifier and the triggered modifier (such as the "Owner is a SP and it's before the 7th" trigger on Ace).

You'll need to read each trigger condition to determine whether it applies in a given situation.

Where Did The Data Come From?

The bulk of the level-by-level data for this was compiled by Redditor u/Existing_Tap3372. I can't thank them enough for sharing the data, and for doing a ton of leg work to build up the spreadsheets in the first place. It's certainly an enormous task!

I've personally verified some of the skill data, either in-game or by referencing posts within the community on Reddit. I also wrote all of the descriptions for the skills. I considered transcribing each one word-for-word from the game, but because of translation issues, ambiguities, and other small errors, I figured it would be better to describe them myself. Also, sometimes the descriptions change slightly over time, and I didn't feel like keeping up with that.

If you spot an error in the data or have data for the few skills missing it, please let me know via my Contact Me form. I've found through managing the Companion Registry that crowdsourcing is the best way to maintain these databases, and your help is greatly appreciated!

Future Plans

Like all features on the Companion, I have a ton of ideas for expanding and improving this feature. Here are a few of them.

Skill Tiers

The first thing I want to add is a tier level for each skill. We all want to know which skills are best and which skills should be avoided. There are a handful of great guides floating around already.

I chose to skip tiers for this initial release because I want to make sure that they are designed well and that skills are slotted into tiers based on as much objective data / community consensus as possible.

I'll be going over some of the tier guides I've seen as well as my own notes and intuitions about each skill before adding that to this feature.

Sandbox Integration

Something I'm super excited about is integrating Skills with the Sandbox. The Advanced Sandbox features already allow us to completely spec out a card's out-of-game stats. With Skills, we would be able to spec out the in-game stats too!

This has just-for-fun uses (such as determining which player can definitively get the highest possible POW stat in the game) and practical uses (factoring skill boosts into the DP+ / FP+ math).

I designed the skill data structure with this goal in mind. This should make it easier to integrate later on, though I don't yet have a timeline for when that'll happen.

Improvements To The Skills Database Itself

As always, there are things I wanted to build but didn't have time for. This includes things like more search fields and the ability to link directly to a skill. These additions will find their into the Skills feature eventually. And I'm sure as folks start using it, I'll get suggestions for other ways it could be better as well!

Thank you!

Thank you for reading and for visiting my site!

I could not do this without the support of the community and especially without the support of all of my followers on Patreon. If you'd like to see some of my future-plans for Skills come to fruition, please consider supporting me on Patreon! I'm an independent developer building this site in my free time, and every bit of support makes a big difference in keeping this a sustainable project for me.