Adding Supreme Historical Legends To The Companion Registry

Finally! Supreme Historical Legends are here on the Companion! Read on to how you can use these players across the site. Posted: Apr 15 '22

Supremes are here and they are awesome!

This post goes over the different ways you can view and use Supremes on the Companion, including tips for finding them in the Registry and Sandbox.

In the Full-Details Modal

Any time you see a link with the player's name and the icon, clicking / tapping it will show that player's full-details modal.

This view shows the player card, some info about the player from the registry, and a list of their other years. Supremes now appear in this view as well:

Supreme Babe Ruth Full-Details Modal

Just like with any other year, clicking / tapping on a different year will show the details for that year. As you can see in the image above, B.Ruth has two Supreme cards - one as a batter (NYY) and one as a pitcher (BOS).

In the Sandbox

We can find Supremes in the Registry, but the real fun comes when comparing them to other cards! Luckily, the Sandbox can do just that.

Searching for Supremes is simple. You can type their name, which will autocomplete like any other card, or you can type "Supreme" to see all of them at once.

Autocompleting Supremes in the Sandbox

Once you've picked out the Supreme you want, you can use the Sandbox as normal. Logged-out users can add GIs and compare two players. If you are part of my Site Access tier on Patreon ( more details here ), you can add in trains, Special Training level, Set effects, BD status, and Mentor level to fully spec out your card. Just like in the game, Supremes can be trained all the way up to Level 30. (Note: I don't yet have Gear and Condition options in the Sandbox. Those are doubled for Supremes.)

As an example, here's Supreme B.Ruth (Batter) compared against a Team Sig M.Mantle. You can tell that Mantle is not the Supreme version by the fact that his headline includes his year (and doesn't include "Supreme" like Ruth).

Supreme Ruth vs Sig Mantle in the Sandbox

In this Sandbox both cards are trained as high as they can go, with similar distributions to hitting/defensive sides.

Supreme Ruth is an absolute unit, especially considering that he can add an additional +24 to each hitting stat with his double Condition Drinks / double Diamond Gear boost (compared to +12 for the non-Supreme Mantle). And remember, this Mantle is a team Sig. He's no slouch!

If you're interested in the extra Sandbox functionality you see in the image above, join me on Patreon!

In Best Lineup

Finally, Supremes are eligible to appear in Best Lineups. The Card Type filter works as described above , so you can prioritize a Supreme-heavy lineup if you want.

Note: Picking "Supreme" currently only includes Supremes from your selected team(s). I may change this behavior later, but that's how it previously worked for Legends and it was too big of an update to the Best Lineup algorithm to rework at this time.

Here's an example All-Team lineup where I selected only "Supreme" from the Card Type filter.

Supremes in the Best Lineup Tool

I'm sure the first thing that comes to mind is: "It picked Pitcher Ruth over Batter Ruth?! Are you insane?!" This is behavior I'm definitely going to change, but again, it was too big to bite off at the moment.

If you are part of my Site Access tier on Patreon, you can include Supreme Batter Ruth as an endgame player, which will force the algorithm to pick him over Pitcher Ruth:

Forcing the algorithm to pick Supreme Batter Ruth

Thank you!

Thank you for reading and for visiting my site!

I could not do this without the support of the community and especially without the support of all of my followers on Patreon. If you'd like to use the advanced Sandbox features shown above or the Endgame Players feature in the Best Lineup tool, please consider supporting me on Patreon! I'm an independent developer building this site in my free time, and every bit of support makes a big difference in keeping this a sustainable project for me.