About the Companion Player Registry

The Companion Registry contains all the cards currently in the game, and some that aren't. The list of active cards is compiled using publicly-available data from MLB 9 Innings and is updated shortly after each in-game update. Most stat and player info data is recorded manually on this site. Some stats were added from the Reddit player registry , and large chunks of stats were contributed by redditors u/amolochko and u/faraft.

You can submit stats for a card missing them by clicking on the button on the card face or in the Registry search results. User-contributions make this registry much more sustainable so please chip in if you can!

Companion Adjusted-OVR (aOVR)

The Companion Adjusted-OVR (or aOVR) is a proprietary stat intended to better represent the true value of a card. Click here to learn more about it!

Registry Data Analysis

In this section, you'll find some stats about the Companion Registry. My goal is to provide some interesting insight into the state of the Registry. The charts in the sections below are automatically generated based on current data in the Companion Registry.

Number of Cards with Stats by Year

This chart shows the percentage of cards that have stats per year. To simply the chart, vintage cards and cards from the early-2000s (typically regular versions of Sigs) are lumped into distinct groups while recent years have their own columns.

Cards by Stat Source

The main purpose of the Registry is to compile all of the cards in the game and all of their stats. Obviously this allows us to reference cards we don't have, but it also allows me to build tools that utilize that data, such as generating GIs in the Sandbox or automatically determining the best possible lineup for any team.

When the Registry first launched, a large portion of the stats came from an existing player registry run by folks on the subreddit . It also received large infusions from two individual redditors. Since launch though, almost all stats added to the Companion Registry have been from me, the Companion developer, or from user-submissions on the site.

User-submitted stats are a huge help to the usefulness of the Registry! Cards without stats will have a button on them directing you to the form for submitting the stats. If you spot them in the wild, please send them in!